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Ionic Colloidal Silver - 100ml

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Colloidal silver supports the body's immune system.

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What is Colloidal Silver?
Colloidal silver supports the body's immune system. It is an all-purpose natural antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-parasite and body normalising substance.

It is an essential trace mineral for our body’s immune system
It is a powerful all-purpose antibiotic and healer
It acts against some 650 pathogens (disease organisms) with no side effects
Does not interact with other medication

Who should use Colloidal Silver?
Anyone who:

  • needs ongoing nutritional support for their immune system
  • is susceptible during the ills & chills season wants to assist the body's natural detoxification
  • wants to assist the natural immune function of the nose, ears & mouth

How is it made?
It is made using the latest computerised technology by a “Colloidal process” where micro size particles of silver are released and suspended in ultra-purified water ready for action. Once inside the body, the particles seek out the ‘nasties” no matter where they are, depriving them of sustenance so they suffocate and die. Colloidal Silver has not been known to interact with any medical drug and because of its natural ingredients it also requires no additives or preservatives

What can I use it for?
Colloidal Silver is a safe, natural way to deal with germs, bacteria, virus and fungi by working naturally to support the body’s immune system from the inside out.
Colloidal Silver can be taken every day as a powerful support for the immune system or used at the first signs of a cough, cold or sore tickly throat.

Colloidal Silver is a natural, non-toxic, odourless product that is safe for the whole family when used as directed. Colloidal Silver can also be used on your plants, pets & animals, as well as all household surfaces without the worry of nasty chemicals.

How do I take Colloidal Silver?
Rawleigh’s Ionic Colloidal Silver is packaged in a convenient 100ml spray bottle to enable the liquid designed to be applied to the nasal passages, into eyes or throat. You can even use a dropper to apply into ears.

Colloidal Silver can also be applied topically directly onto skin.


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